About Us

We’ve created a Win-Win for our patients and nurses.  We look for RN’s & LVN’s who have at least 10+ years of clinical experience in all disciplines.  These seasoned nurses have great skills, knowledge, and heart. 


We train and support them in the new field of Cannabis Medicine, giving them a 2nd act in their careers!  We’ve built a system to apply the principles of medicine to the current cannabis research that guides us in the field. And we integrate that with boots on the ground research into the available medicines and dispensaries in our networks.


Holistic Caring partners and aligns with the best organizations in the industry. We are members of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, Women Grow, and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians.


The mission of Holistic Caring is to bridge the gap between traditional and cannabis medicine. We envision, engineer, and encourage health & wholeness.  We do this through logic and spirituality. Logic = facts and figures, applied to present decisions, to influence the future.Spirituality = the hope, openness, and faith needed to move forward with grace.



We believe in cannabis medicine for health, wellness, and transformation.

We promote and teach the responsible use of the cannabis plant.

We promote connection of patients through support groups and research.

We serve our communities, giving back, and getting creative with economics.

We commit to continuous training, improvement and investing in our staff.

We create opportunity for nurses to thrive, building a 2nd act beyond expectations.

We support collaboration because there’s strength in numbers and so much to gain.

Direct Cannabis Network, each week highlights entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry for their viewers to learn more about the leading cannabis executives of our time. The week of July 5, 2018 they highlighted Elisabeth Mack, Co-Founder of Holistic Caring.


Holistic Caring was formed to provide the missing link; Nursing.


How do you know what to buy, what dosage to take, and how to take & time your meds?  There are huge variances, with 100+ strains of cannabis with many ratios of THC, CBD, and others like CBN, CBG, as well as the terpenes. Other questions involve the safety of the plant – is it organically grown and lab tested for safety and cannabinoid profiles?  Has it been processed to pharmaceutical grade standards?

Then the method of ingestion comes into play; oral, tincture, sublingual, topical, transdermal patches, vaporized, or smoked.  How will your cannabis medicine interact with your other medications?  What do you need to look out for with respect to blood pressure, or blood sugar, and when do you take your meds?  Do you take on an empty stomach or not, and how long will relief last?  How do you titrate dosing to achieve results?

Then there are others involved in your care…your family and other medical providers.  Who will talk to them about your cannabis treatments and be your advocate so that you can focus on healing and quality of life?


Holistic Caring Nurses are what you seek. We are connectors, scientists, advocates, educators, and caregivers. We understand how to tie together your list of medications, therapies, and holistic pathways.

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