Course Details 

Bring CBD & Cannabis medicine expertise to your practice and

enjoy the value differential of this emerging industry!

When you purchase this course you're going to become a competent and confident Cannabis Health Coach to guide patients to "maximize benefits and minimize harms" associated with cannabis medicine.  People are desperate for clinical guidance and not advice from a bud tender who focuses on recreation at the dispensary. This is an emerging specialty field that will reward those who embrace progressive change and patient empowerment. 

8 components of the Licensing program are:  

  1. Course = a 30 unit comprehensive study breaking down the history, science, research, plant, products, conditions best treated, a focus on wellness and integrative programs, and the practical guidance that patients and professionals need to engage with the Cannabis Industry in a safe and supported way. 

  2. Toolkit = a practical and customizable Form Library containing Assessments (short & long), Patient Teaching on the ECS, Care Planning, Product Dosing Guides for Dispensary Menus (Formulary), a Cannabis Primer, and a 101 Community Presentation. 

  3. Monthly Mastermind - Founder led webinars to deep dive into the latest news and updates on Cannabis Medicine. Learn clinical expertise directly from producers explaining the features and benefits of their products along with the operational and legal direction you need to explore Cannabis & CBD opportunities. 

  4. Marketing / Promotion - listing of your Cannabis Health Coach practice in our online directory.

  5. CBD Marketplace - Access to wholesale opportunities for the top vetted CBD Producers with dosing guidance on all products to serve your patients and clients.

  6. Networking & Community Forums; align with your peers and journey forward with a community of pioneers. 

  7. Logo - use the Holistic Caring logo as a licensed and certified HC Cannabis Health Coach.

  8. Updates - guaranteed access to upcoming Holistic Caring patient modules for condition based care. 

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