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The Holistic Caring    CBD/Cannabis Health Coach Certification Program is ready!


This curriculum compiles 5 years of extensive research and direct patient care. The Holistic Caring Toolkit combined with your ability to listen, guide, and care for patients will provide everything you need to begin a successful CBD consulting practice, with the option to purchase the FULL toolkit at a discounted price.

Bring CBD expertise to your practice and enjoy the value differential of this emerging industry!

Become a competent and confident CBD Health Coach to guide patients to "maximize benefits and minimize harms" associated with cannabis medicine.  Patients are desperately searching 

for clinical guidance; you can be their path to empowerment!

Just the Course &

Basic Toolkit = $500

5 components of the Certification program:

  1. Program = a 30-unit comprehensive study breaking down the history, science, research, plant, products, conditions best treated, a focus on wellness and integrative programs, and the practical guidance that patients and professionals need to engage with the CBD Industry in a safe and supported way. 

  2. Basic Toolkit = a practical and customizable Form Library containing Assessments (short & long), Care Planning, Product Dosing Guides for Dispensary Menus (Formulary), a CBD Primer, and a complimentary guide to pass to clients. Upgrade to the licensing program, mastermind, and full toolkit for only $490 more.

  3. CBD Marketplace - Coming Soon! Access to wholesale opportunities for the top vetted CBD Producers with dosing guidance on all products to serve your patients and clients.

  4. Networking & Community Forums -  align with your peers and journey forward with a community of pioneers within our Mighty Network.

  5. Updates - guaranteed access to upcoming Holistic Caring patient modules for condition-based care.

Outline of the Holistic Caring   CBD/Cannabis Health Coach

Online Course Curriculum:


  • History, social and legal landscapes across America, qualifying conditions 

  • Science, research, countries involved, clinical trials, past & present

  • Cannabinoids, terpenes, extraction methods and entourage effect

  • Dosing, routes of administration, pharmacodynamics, interactions

  • Contraindications, addiction, and who should not use cannabis

  • Conditions best served with cannabis, and beginning dosing protocols

    • Pediatrics; epilepsy, autism, cancer

    • Geriatrics; Senior issues, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s

    • Cancer, Chronic Pain with opiate weaning, autoimmune conditions

    • Mental Health; anxiety, depression, PTSD, and wellness 

    • Adding functional and lifestyle medicine as cannabinoids facilitate health 

  • Tracking, titration, evaluating outcomes and making adjustments

  • The Costs / Benefits and considerations for health policy

  • Patient legal considerations, work, and societal issues

  • Provider legal considerations, standards of care, and business issues

  • Overview of coaching and becoming the local leader in your community to assist patients and families into new ways of thinking about cannabis use as medicine

  • Shopping for safe and effective medicines in dispensaries and online

  • Setting up your consulting firm, marketing, CBD networking, resources


As you begin working with the Cannabis Industry, we provide you with the starting point to understanding Cannabis as a medicine and a business.

Included in the course is access to a toolkit that includes:

  • The Holistic Caring   Medical Cannabis Primer to utilize during patient consultations

  • Holistic Caring   Complimentary Medical Cannabis Guide to be used as a free patient handout

  • Assessment form to guide an interview to determine client suitability

  • Initial dosing guidelines for products in a modern dispensary

  • Liability Waiver and disclosures

  • Care plan to explain starting protocols and lifestyle medicine


Cannabinoids hold the power to affect healthcare in all populations, and to heal when other therapies fail.  Adding CBD & Cannabis Medicine offers the Holistic Caring Cannabis Health Coaches a modality to bring healing to millions in a simple, empowering, and economical way.

Just the Course & Basic Toolkit = $500



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