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Published 9/5/2017

HH018: Elisabeth Mack on Holistic Caring

By Madelyn Harris | 09/05/2017

Key Takeaways: When it comes to Cannabis, nursing might just be the missing link; dispensaries sell the product, people buy the product, but no one educates people on how to use the product. Until now. Hear from RN Elisabeth Mack, who has brought 30 years of experience into her Holistic Caring business.

  • Definition of holistic caring and Elizabeth’s background and experience with nursing and the medical cannabis industry

  • Nursing is the missing link; dispensaries sell the product and people buy the product but no one is educated people on how to properly use the product. That’s why Elizabeth founded Holistic Caring

  • Elizabeth’s journey on how she learned about Cannabis and learned about its efficacy

  • Lock and Key analogy: the key is the cannabinoid, the lock is the human’s body receptors.

  • Basketball analogy: A great shooter depends on a great assist – the cannabinoid is that assist to help the body

  • Ratios of CBD to THC and what conditions would require different ratios

  • Education + Support are the two key elements to patient success within Holistic Caring

  • It’s important when starting out to take thorough notes about how CBD and THC are affecting you. Take notes of sleep, energy levels, focus, concentration, all of those things.

  • The issue of trouble sleeping: in small doses, CBD can be energizing, so it might be more beneficial to take it during the day. On the other hand, THC is sedating, so this is often taken before bedtime.

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