Happy 420

Published 4/1/2018

What is 420?

Many people don’t know that 420 is Code for Cannabis – it’s the folklore that originated up in San Rafael when 5 high school friends met after school, and lit a joint. The year was 1971, and they met daily at 4:20pm to chat about school, life, and their dreams. Many people around the world still celebrate 420 on April 20th so when that day arrives, you will be in the know! California can really celebrate this 420 because cannabis is now legal to purchase without a doctor recommendation. So, should you still have a MD Rec? Let’s break it down!

Feel better, not high.

A medical doctor recommendation to use cannabis is still a good idea if you have a serious condition needing ongoing treatment and allows you to buy larger quantities of medicine. If you want to enjoy a puff or two to relax, or you want an edible because you tweaked your back, then no you do not need an MD Rec. With edibles for fun, you can buy up to 100mgs at a time. But if you need tinctures or concentrated extracts and oils to treat severe pain, cancer, seizures, auto-immune conditions, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, then yes you do need the MD Rec so you can buy over 100mgs per package. Many of my clients need 300, 600, 1000mgs in a 30 ml bottle per month to treat a serious condition, and will always keep the MD Rec. You will also save money on taxes at the dispensary, so that’s another reason to stay legally compliant.

The best thing about cannabis becoming legal in CA is that we now have less fear and stigma around the idea of using it as medicine. It’s easy to ‘give it a try’ to see if it eases your symptoms – pain, sleep, nausea, digestive, neurological, immune support, and overall stress management. Peek into the dispensary this year on 420 and try a mild tincture, topical, vape, or edible dosed in 5mgs or less and enjoy the reset!

Still have questions?

For more clarification on how cannabis works within your 11 body systems, give us a call @ 619-880-5135 or email us @ Holistic Caring nurses will teach you how cannabinoids can ease your symptoms in a more natural way than pharmaceuticals. We will come to you, break down CBD, THC, THCA, CBN, other cannabinoids, terpenes, and design a customized treatment plan so that you feel better, and not high. We’ve even built our own tracking tool to help you gauge efficacy, and we provide ongoing support to help you make informed adjustments. Our experience guiding others helps us understand your concerns.

Celebrate your freedom from chronic conditions with professional care, and enjoy 420 in a deeper way this year!

Happy 420, from Elisabeth Mack, and your Holistic Caring Team


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