Happy St. Patrick's Day & Year # 1

Published 3/17/2018

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Happy Spring, and Happy 1st Anniversary to Holistic Caring!

It’s been a year today since our official launch, and we give gratitude for our growth. We now have 5 RN’s (Teri, Gina, Judy, Shanna, and myself) guiding clients through the process of how to initiate a proper treatment plan to address your goals and objectives for healing. To date we’ve worked with 137 clients in California and beyond. I even support a sweet little girl battling cancer in Beirut, Lebanon with oils from Holland. And we work by phone, skype, and personal home visits or office-based care in Clairemont and Oceanside.

Speaking of growth, Spring is my favorite time of year because even San Diego is green with new life! Late rains have greened up our landscape, so enjoy the emerald beauty as you venture out for green beer this evening. I love the longer days to fit in more tasks, but also to get into the garden after work to enjoy all the emerging colors, flowers, scents, and birds. Renewal is both soothing and stimulating, and I embrace a better quality of life with cannabinoids and holistic measures to reduce cycles of muscle, bone, and nerve pain.

Cannabis as medicine can also promote post-traumatic growth. This is a term for the regeneration that occurs after trauma, where positive changes result from struggling through difficult life events. Trauma has a way of resetting things and provides the opportunity to improve how you relate to others, view new possibilities, connect spiritually, gauge your strengths, and appreciate life. Because CBD & THC help you prune old memories and stimulate new brain cells, you can enhance growth in the brain, body, mind, and spirit with a tincture. Cannabinoids balance the body as our nerve and immune cells signal correctly and lessen inflammation. CBD for the mind helps us get out of fight or flight and promotes laughter which we know is the best medicine. THC in small amounts helps spiritual balance with introspection, joy, gratitude and connection with others and source energy.

If you’re thinking of planting a garden this spring, you might want to include one of the most versatile and beneficial plants on earth. Growth is your birthright, it’s up to you to claim it.

I’d like to close with a link to my first blog a year ago, the framework of Holistic Caring; Enjoy the recap and enjoy the coming days of Spring and new life!

May blessings be yours! Elisabeth Mack & the Holistic Caring Team


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