Hug a Nurse

Published 5/1/2018

May Day! It’s May 1st, and the month to recognize nurses for protecting, promoting and improving healthcare for all. May also brings awareness for blood pressure, stroke, arthritis, skin cancer, osteoporosis, and mental health.

As we continue to integrate cannabinoids into every day health promotion, I appreciate the vasorelaxant and neuroprotective properties of CBD & THC, and the ability to relax blood pressure, and to protect and heal damaged brain cells.

I’m glad to know my bones are kept strong by endocannabinoids that I make, and the CBD, CBG, CBDV, CBDA that I take each morning.

Cannabinoids and mental health have a somewhat complicated relationship, and it takes patience and adjustments to find what works to lift depression, lower anxiety, and ease PTSD. In my opinion, it’s worth trying non-psychoactive CBD to improve cognitive functioning without the side effects of antipsychotics, and to lift mood without the side effects of the SSRI’s.

Arthritis sufferers know that cannabinoids ease the painful inflammation in a cumulative way, so stay patient with your CBD, making adjustments to dosage and timing to find the sweet spot, and micro dose THC as needed for pain management.

Let me close with a shout out to all nurses – be glad to serve with love, faith, and hope, and know that you are appreciated! The American Cannabis Nurses Association is making progress to ensure this new specialty flourishes because every patient deserves a nurse.

Thank you to the Holistic Caring RN’s; Teri Polley-Michea, Gina Feletar, Judy Baker, and Shanna Bennington! Your patience and dedication bring clarity, information, guidance, and support to the confusing world of cannabis as medicine to our clients in San Diego, and beyond. May we grow stronger every day, and teach others to approach this sacred plant with courage and hope, and the methodical tracking it takes to empower your path to healing.

Enjoy Springtime, and let us know if you or a loved one needs a Holistic Caring consult!

Blessings to you, Elisabeth

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