The Framework of Holistic Caring

Posted 3/15/2017

Welcome to a new paradigm. You have the potential for healing in a totally new way that might bring you and your family hope, calm, and relief from suffering. We provide the framework that gets you access to a new form of medicine geared towards fixing what is causing the problem. Finding the breaks in cellular communication and repairing the pathways is key to your healing.

You see , we all have something called the endocannabinoid system. There are cell receptors and messaging cells that control a host of physiological symptoms. When there is an ‘accident’ on the road, be it a mutated gene from an environmental toxin or genetics, we need the scene cleared and repaved. This is what needs to happen in the body to restore traffic flow of messages, and normal functions. In medicine, we use the term homeostasis, or balance.

So what is this powerful medicine? The answer is “Cannabis”, and the reason it helps so many is that phytocannabinoids, or plant molecules fit our cell receptors just like the deficient endocannabinoids you’re lacking. We run deficient for many reasons, but mainly it is the way we live…bad diet, lack of exercise and sleep, and reductions in connection and play. The healing power of plants has been used as medicinal potions for thousands of years, but once big pharma found a way to make single molecule compounds that they could sell in the marketplace, plants fell away. In 1937, the cannabis plant was so feared by big pharma that they had the government tax it, then outlaw it. After prohibition ended bureaucracies created to control alcohol needed something else to do. Add in racism and you had a perfect scenario to ban cannabis as medicine and prosecute the offenders. Fast forward a few generations, and we have a prison system with millions of minorities serving time for possession of marijuana, often accompanying other low grade offenses, which add up to longer sentences and a broken and unfair situation in oh so many ways.

But an underground of healers survived, still using the cannabis plant as medicine, and finding ways to pass down the techniques and folklore of how to treat disease and discomfort. We honor those people, thanking them for keeping hope alive, and for generating the plants and extraction processes that make up today’s medical cannabis industry. You noticed I said medical right? This site, this company, this vision, is all about changing the medical paradigm, and leading the way to offer another option to patients who are hurting, fearful, and confused.

In mainstream medicine, you see a doctor for whatever is ailing you, and then you go down to the drugstore and pick up meds from the pharmacist. Between the doctor and the pharmacist, you have someone looking out for other drug interactions, and telling you how much to take, how often to take it, and when to take it. If it was in a format other than a pill or capsule, someone would explain that to you. It just works. But what happens when traditional medicine fails, you don’t get well, you are still in pain, and your condition shows no mercy? Perhaps your friend talked you into getting a cannabis card, and then you head on down to the industrial park dispensary. There you’re greeted by a 24 year old guy with tattoos, maybe a few piercings, and blaring reggae music. You see these glass jars stuffed with cannabis buds. You see candy bars, drinks, potions, cartridges, syringes, extracts, gummy bears, and wonder…what the heck do I do? How does any of this apply to my ailments? You ask a few questions and the guy behind the counter tells you what he likes for his stress, sleep, or a skateboard accident. You get caught up in his enthusiasm and you leave with $100 worth of goods to go home and try. You sort out the bag on your kitchen table and start with a gummy bear for the excruciating pain you’ve had for 5 years, and you wait. In an hour, you either feel nothing, or you want to get down on the floor because you’re not sure you’re still in reality. You look at the package, and see the 50mg label, and remember the guy at the counter saying this is a starting dose. You wait through the waves of joy and terror, and in a few hours you come to again and state that you’re never going to try cannabis again. Or you crack open the bottle of CBD and take a dropper full, but feel nothing, and toss it saying it doesn’t work.

So, now you’re back to the pharmaceuticals and the withdrawal you hoped to lose. But lucky for you, your friend told you about Holistic Caring – nursing led cannabis case management to help you find your way through the haze. I often describe our visits as a combination of a doctor examination and the pharmacy visit combined. We ask a lot of questions to learn about your mind, body, spirit, and desired outcomes and expectations. We explain what might be going on with your nervous or immune system, and explain what might help you in simple terms that apply to you specifically. You feel that glimmer of hope again, and are willing to try again. You’re given a starting point, a titration schedule, and a roadmap. You will still experiment, but now you know what product to use, when to use it, how much to use, how to time your other meds, whether to eat before or after, what is for day and what is for night, and how to medicate without getting high. Wow, that’s better.

When I fell into this industry, as a Registered Nurse for the last 30 years, I knew that I must build the bridge across the disciplines of traditional and cannabis medicine. There is potential for healing and wholeness, and there is an optimal dose. With cannabis, less is always more. Many need to manage pain, to retain functioning, or battle with cancer. It is about taking back control and holding on to life itself. There is road less traveled that gives you a chance, and we illuminate the path, hold your hand, and allay your fears through education and dialogue. Cannabis medicine is not for everybody, and there are those it just doesn’t work for, which breaks my heart. But I do know that all of us have an endocannabinoid system, and that adjustments made in a systemic manner can give you massive healing potential. I have seen improvements with my own eyes, and felt healing in my own body. One thing I always tell patients is that I wouldn’t recommend anything for you I wouldn’t take myself, or give to my mother. I’ve studied cannabinoid medicine since January 2015, attended 6 medical conferences on how to apply what we know in today’s environment, and I share this knowledge with patients and medical professionals. There is a new paradigm in healthcare, and you are the one at the wheel now. Next time I write, I’ll address the intersection of cannabis medicine and the American healthcare system. Since I spent a decade in hospitals, and 2 decades with insurance companies in various roles, I know a thing or two about this.

So here is my first ever blog, the framework of Holistic Caring. Opportunity is knocking for you to take an accompanied journey through the potential of medical cannabis. Are you ready?


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