The Gift of Hope

Published 12/1/2017

Happy December! We wish you a holiday season filled with blessings and joy.

This month I want to share the gift of hope to those struggling with health issues. Holistic Caring clients are challenged with things like cancer, Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s disease, chronic pain, arthritis, IBS, and emotional health…and have found hope taking cannabis as medicine.

Our clients give us the gift of hope too as we see progress and healing emerge unexpectedly!

  • Yesterday a chronic pain patient told me her urinary frequency is gone after taking high CBD medicine with micro doses of THC. She is working harder in PT now and in 1 month is taking less Tramadol. Giving people an alternative to opiates is a huge gift!

  • My favorite 89-year-old man can remain at home and not go to a facility because his sun-downing behavior and aggression is reduced and his caregiver is safe.

  • Cancer patients discover hope through finding safe access to lab tested cannabis medicines that reduce horrible effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Being a catalyst is a gift. Holistic Caring was formed to bridge the gap of misinformation and confusion. When someone without options chooses cannabis, they need more than their MMJ card. Medical patients need support, logistics, information, and basic case management. Our nurses study the science, the products, and the delivery system, putting together a treatment plan for a scared and often fragile client. We give them the tracking tools to evaluate progress, and pivot through the options. And we give our hearts, prayers, and smiles!

Consider giving our services as a gift of hope to others this holiday season. We are holistic coaches, safely improving quality of life. Give hope, joy, peace, and above all, give love.

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