Valentine Stocks

Published 2/15/2019

Want to give cannabis stocks to your Valentine?

Ruth, our nurse in Palm Desert thought it might be fun to discuss Cannabis Investing as a fun, safe topic at your romantic dinner. You know when cannabis is safe for investment when “Varney and Company” on “Fox Business” puts up a screen with nine stocks. Varney interviewed the CEO of Canndescent Inc. on January 23, 2019, who reported they raised $35 million of the $100 million goal without going to the public markets. Canndescent produces cannabis flowers and is out of Santa Barbara CA. Most of the stocks are for recreational cannabis i.e. cannabis infused beer. dinner tonight.

Nigam Arora of The Arora Report believes the cannabis industry is too volatile to buy and hold until retirement. He uses the ZYX Change Method to navigate through the up and downs of the current market. The premise behind the ZYX Change Method is that the most money is made with the lowest risk while successfully predicting change before the crowd.

Bob Hoban, from the Hoban Law Group, claims we do not have an industrial hemp industry because in the 90’s the cannabis/marijuana industry stole the business away from hemp fiber by developing genetics to cultivate cannabinoids like CBD and THC. The only difference between hemp and cannabis is the law. The hemp industry needs to catchup by developing the genetics for fiber and the other hemp based products. The new Farm Bill signed by President Trump made hemp legal to cultivate and distribute as long as the state develops regulations. Farmers are now able to invest in large scale hemp for fiber growth and cannabis. Colorado is the leading hemp cultivator in the country.

The North American Cannabis market is expected to grow to $47 Billion by 2027 and $80 Billion by 2030. Is your financial advisor ready to add cannabis stocks to your portfolio? Some resources for learning are:


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