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Unity Formulas are nurse formulated products designed to target specific symptoms. The combined wisdom of CBD, CBG, CBN, and terpenes are harnessed to create these specialized blends. Our CBD & CBG are both whole spectrum and organic ethanol extracted. We are excited to be supporting the vision of Autism Safe Haven by donating 15% of all sales to the nonprofit organization. Additionally, we are also pairing with Holistic Caring to further educate practioners in using cannabis protocols.


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As clinicians we are trained to trust only what we test and verify. We tend to trust other clinicians for that reason. Endourage was founded by clinicians. Endourage’s Clinician-Grade Standard proves on every product label it is independently tested, safe and complete. All 6 tests. On every label. I recommend Endourage to my patients addressing pain, anxiety, sleep, and inflammation issues. Endourage delivers the safety and quality I require.

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Easy Day Hemp is more than a "Brand." Easy Day is a movement meant to inspire humanity to take back their bodies and minds. In an era where prescription medications are the norm, often handed out like tic-tacs, Easy Day Hemp was born out of necessity, offering those in need something different. CBD and knowledge of plant medicines, natural practices all effective natural alternatives. Led by Ex-Navy SEAL & CIA Contractor Jason Higgins, he has brought the same unyielding standards to the hemp-derived CBD industry that made him successful in his previous professions.

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