Become a Cannabis Health Coach

Tools to expand your knowledge & advance your career

with cannabinoids.

Learn how to guide patients with the medical process

Assess - Plan - Implement - Evaluate 

Holistic Caring education and client services is changing the narrative with education and a supportive network.  We believe that cannabis medicines belong in an integrated treatment plan and are ready to lead others forward.


Learn to "frame the discussion" with cannabis medicinally.

Treatment goals are set, we methodically set a plan of care, we watch for drug interactions, and strive for safe outcomes. Cannabis can aid chronic pain, cancer treatments, HIV, autoimmune, neurological, and mental health conditions. America needs to safely explore this option, so join us!

We proudly offer the Cannabis Health Coach licensing package: 

Holistic Caring Cannabis Health Coaches can come from ANY healthcare background! Healthcare professionals and Holistic Providers – cannabinoid RX complements your current practiceOutline of the Holistic Caring Cannabis Health Coach Online Course Curriculum:


  • History, social and legal landscapes across America, qualifying conditions 

  • Science, research, countries involved, clinical trials, past & present

  • Cannabinoids, terpenes, extraction methods and entourage effect

  • Dosing, routes of administration, pharmacodynamics, interactions

  • Contraindications, addiction, and who should not use cannabis

  • Conditions best served with cannabis, and beginning dosing protocols

  • Pediatrics; epilepsy, autism, cancer

  • Geriatrics; Senior issues, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s

  • Cancer, Chronic Pain with opiate weaning, autoimmune conditions

  • Mental Health; anxiety, depression, PTSD, and wellness 

  • Adding functional and lifestyle medicine as cannabinoids facilitate health 

  • Tracking, titration, evaluating outcomes and making adjustments

  • The Costs / Benefits and considerations for health policy

  • Patient legal considerations, work, and societal issues

  • Provider legal considerations, standards of care, and business issues

  • Overview of coaching and leading patients into new ways of thinking

  • Shopping for safe and effective medicines in dispensaries and online

  • Setting up your consulting firm, marketing, cannabis networking, resources

  • Becoming the local leader in your community on medicinal cannabis

Holistic Caring Cannabis Health Coach Toolkit (biz in box)  included with licensing fee:

Start your own cannabis health coaching business in your practice with everything you need. Cannabis Health Coach Toolkit (business in a box) is included with licensing fee.


  • Appointment process and structure, legal waivers and disclosure forms

  • Short and long from appointment templates

  • Patient teaching modules on the ECS and Cannabis medicine

  • Care plans and dosing protocols with Functional Medicine focus

  • Formularies and dosing strategies for common dispensary products

  • Community 101 presentations to teach in your area

  • Marketing in the online directory

  • Monthly clinical & operational  webinars

  • A Quick Start Guide to starting a business

There is a value differential and marketing advantage:to those who step up to add this to their practice:

  • Market your services as a certified cannabinoid subject matter expert.. 

  • Ability to use the Holistic Caring logo as a Cannabis Health Coach to convey trust.

  • Cost & Quality Comparisons – assuring you can help consumers to lower costs by gaining value.

  • Create a concierge practice – a niche few others are serving yet…

  • Grand rounds & Meetups at main cannabis conferences. 

Join Us Today - Become a Cannabis Health Coach and Become the Bridge for Your Patients Tomorrow.

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